Bend PD survey asks residents about public safety concerns, officers’ work

Bend Parkway speeding traffic stop

Bend Police is asking residents in an online survey asking them about their public safety concerns.

The survey was emailed to some people this week “asks about local public safety issues, our officers’ work over the past year, and your priorities for the coming year.”

Bend PD says the survey is anonymous and voluntary. Respondents can skip any question they wish.

The survey asks questions on the following statements:

  • The Bend Police can be trusted to make decisions that are right for my community.
  • The Bend Police are trustworthy.
  • I have confidence in the Bend Police.
  • If I were the victim of a crime in Bend, I would contact the Police Department to report it.
  • If I saw a crime happening in my neighborhood, I would call the Bend Police to report it.
  • I would work with the Bend Police to address public safety concerns in my neighborhood.

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Respondents are also asked to grade Bend PD on specific categories including:

  • Being available when they are needed.
  • Reducing traffic crashes.
  • Dealing with problems that concern your community.
  • Reducing crime.
  • Communicating with the public (e.g., website, social media, emails, public meetings).
  • Developing relationships with people in your community.
  • Involving your community in crime prevention efforts.
  • Building trust with your community.
  • Residents are also asked about certain crimes and if they think those crimes were a problem in the city in the past year including drug offenses, fraud, theft, burglary, violent crime, sexual crimes, bias crimes, traffic offenses and environmental offenses.

One part of the survey asks what neighborhood you live in, and then specific questions about how safe you feel in that neighborhood and in downtown Bend.

And Bend Police is asking about what information residents want to see provided via its website and social media accounts.


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