▶️ Scam alert: Person claiming to be real Bend PD officer calling residents


If you received a phone call from someone claiming to be Bend Police Officer Andrew Davis, the police department says it may be a scam. At least three people received calls from this person since Sunday.

Bend PD said Monday that someone received a call identifying themselves as Andrew Davis — who is a real police officer. The person gave an incorrect badge number and claimed to have a subpoena preventing the person he was calling from leaving the country. 

The person who got the call was suspicious. A co-worker then called Bend PD to confirm whether it was real.

Bend Police said they have received additional calls from other people regarding suspicious phone calls from someone claiming to be Officer Davis. The caller allegedly left messages saying he needed to share “sensitive information.”

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It’s not clear if the caller was seeking money or anything else. A Bend Police spokesperson said none of the calls got to that point.

“Bend Police would like to remind the public that we will never ask for money to clear up a legal matter, and community members should be suspicious of any situation in which an unfamiliar person asks for money or personal information over the telephone,” the department said in a statement. “Police also will never ask for a payment via gift cards. Do not provide personal information or financial details to companies or callers you don’t know.”

Anyone who gets a call from someone claiming to be a Bend Police officer and is unsure whether the call is legitimate is urged to hang up. Then, call the nonemergency dispatch number at 541-693-6911 to verify the caller’s identity.

Those who may have received similar phone calls are asked to file an online report at www.BendPoliceReports.com


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