Bend PD makes 10 drunk driving arrests in 1 week; 2021 DUII numbers up 58%


Bend Police made 10 DUII arrests last week, continuing a 2021 trend of rising cases.

The department’s dedicated DUII enforcement officer made the arrests between Oct. 22 and Oct. 24.

As of October 25, the police have arrested 366 DUII drivers, a 58% increase from October 25, 2020, where the agency had arrested 231 DUII drivers.

Over the last four years, community members have ranked traffic safety and enforcement consistently high in the bi-annual Bend Police Department survey.

▶️ New Bend PD position focused on drunk drivers – and saving lives

In the 2021 survey, between 70 – 90 % of community members surveyed ranked distracted driving and speeding as their highest concerns, with over 60% of the community members surveyed supporting additional enforcement efforts and adding officers to enforce driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) crimes.

“The goals of the Bend Police Department are aligned with the goals of our community in ensuring overall safety by enforcing dangerous driving behavior to include DUII enforcement, speeding, and distracted driving,” said Police Chief Mike Krantz.

It is not surprising that traffic safety rates so high as a priority for our community members as the consequences of poor decisions of DUII, distracted driving and speeds can have lasting impacts on individual’s lives.

DUII enforcement saves lives.

Individuals who drink alcohol are encouraged to use ride share opportunities, or have a sober driver.

Bend Police also encourage community members to report if they suspect a DUII driver, by calling the non-emergency line at 541-693-6911, or 911 for an emergency.


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