▶️ Bend PD developing plan for new mask crack-down; hopes for community compliance


Thursday morning, Bend City Council voted 4-3 in favor of potentially imposing a fine on anyone who is not wearing a mask where one is required.

The penalties range from $100 for the first infraction up to $500 for a three-time offender.

Deputy Chief of Police Paul Kansky said police don’t have an exact plan for how this will be enforced yet.

“It’ll be complaint-driven and then in problematic areas,” Kansky said. “So we’ll really start to analyze what that looks like.”

Kansky said the focus will first be on education before handing out fines. That’s what they’ve been doing for people who aren’t wearing masks where they should.

“We really just try to reach out to them, whether it’s an individual or a business, then explain the governor’s order,” Kansky said. “In this case, we would explain the governor’s order and the city’s order and ask if they understood it completely, then give them an option to comply.”

Police haven’t got many calls from businesses about people not complying with the mask mandate, according to Kansky.

Councilor Chris Piper said one of the reasons he voted against the mask penalty mandate was because Kansky said they haven’t seen a lot of mask noncompliance.

“I feel that more executive orders like this tends to create confusion and divisiveness,” Piper said. “We’re in a situation as a community where we’re really doing our best-wearing masks.”




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