Bend PD becomes first Oregon agency to use 911 call enhancement tool


The Bend Police Department plans to launch a new tool to improve the 911 calling experience for users. 

The so-called ‘SPIDR’ tech platform will allow Bend PD to send automated follow-up text and email messages to those calling 911 or the non-emergency number to request police services.

It will also allow them to provide pertinent information to callers and receive feedback about each caller’s experience with the department through an electronic survey. 

Additionally, callers will receive an update if there are any delays in response from police. 

The messages and survey will have English and Spanish options, and the department will use the survey results to improve their services in the future. 

“I am excited for this new tool to help us increase the sharing of essential information with our community who requests our service through 911,” said Chief Mike Krantz. “One of our City Council goals is to increase the efficiency and transparency of City operations through the use of technology, data, and long-term planning.

“SPIDR Tech will assist us in our ability to stay connected with our community and continue to provide transparency and efficient, high-quality customer service.”

The new tool comes after a Portland State University conducted a bi-annual community survey last year within Bend PD, which found the department needed a better process to follow up and disperse information to callers. 

The SPIDR program will officially start on Monday, April 11. 

In the future, Bend PD hopes to implement another process through SPIDR that will notify crime victims about the specifics of their case, such as dates and times of reports, case numbers, whether an investigator has been assigned, and any next steps a victim should complete. 

The platform would gather relevant data when reports are submitted and send the victim an email or text message with the follow-up information. 

The Bend Police Department is the first agency in Oregon to use this innovative technology. SPIDR Tech is used in 62 agencies throughout the country. 

SPIDR Tech was founded by former law enforcement officers to help law enforcement agencies leverage their own data to improve public perception and increase efficiency by providing excellent customer service.

SPIDR Tech designed and built the world’s first comprehensive customer service infrastructure for law enforcement with the goal of improving communication and transparency between the community and their police agencies. 


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