▶️ Leash your dog: Bend Park and Rec cracking down in awareness campaign


Bend Park and Recreation is kicking off their Dogs in Parks Awareness campaign to make the parks safer for you and your furry friends.

“Spring is coming and it tends to be a really busy time in parks and trails. We are going to take the opportunity over the next couple weeks to really remind community members about the importance of keeping their dogs on a leash,” Communications and community relations manager for BPRD Julie Brown said.

The district is cracking down on dog park rules this spring due to the prevalence of reports of unleashed dogs. Brown says BPRD hopes it will educate dog owners through positive reinforcement, but there are potential consequences for those who don’t follow the rules.

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“There is a possibility of getting a citation from the police department. We’ll also have the possibility of excluding an individual from being able to come to any of our park properties for 30 days or even longer,” Brown said.

Brown says there will also be more of a presence of community service officers in the parks and on the trails, making sure dogs are leashed. Those who follow the rules could possibly be rewarded.

“We want to be able to hand out some dog treats or maybe some giveaway items as a thank you for dog owners who are doing the right thing and leashing their furry friends,” Brown said.

BPRD will be sharing information about dogs in parks every week during the spring, including:

  • Rules for dogs in parks
  • Enforcement heads up, including administering tickets in parks
  • Reasons why it’s important to leash your dogs
  • Locations of off-leash areas
  • Dog owner etiquette tips

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