▶️ After website crash, Bend Park & Rec says staggered registration possible


People struggled to log on to the Bend Park and Recreation District website Tuesday as registration opened for fall activities. Some noted that it was a repeat of their experience from previous years.

After the problems, BPRD indicated that moving to a staggered registration is a possibility.

“We are looking at our process for registration, and maybe our community has grown to the size where it doesn’t make sense to have everything open at the same time and day,” Julie Brown, Communications and community relations manager for BPRD said.

Registration opened at 6:00 a.m. Tuesday for many activities that both children and adults look forward to. Registering for fall is also something many parents rely on as they plan for the school year and for school breaks.

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But as early as 5:45 a.m., people said they were having difficulty logging on, as noted by their comments to BPRD on Facebook.

A visit to the BPRD website as late as 7:00 a.m. showed a spinning wheel and a “500 Internal Service Error” message. Others said they were able to log into their account only to get kicked back out.

By 7:30 a.m., people reported they had finally gotten through, but said that “everything is almost full.” 

BPRD acknowledged the issue on Facebook.

“The registration website is bogged down and we’re working to resolve it,” BPRD said in a Facebook post. “Sorry for the inconvenience. This is an unfortunate result of thousands of users trying to access it simultaneously.”

One idea posted by a frustrated user on Facebook was to move to a staggered registration — not everything on the same day or the same time. 

Brown emailed Central Oregon Daily News stating that a team has started working on improvements, including:

  • Possibly staggered registration dates and times for some of the most in-demand programs
  • Improving technology speed and capacity for surges like registration openings
  • Introducing a waiting room functionality for some programs
  • Possibly changing the time/day of registration opening

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