BPRD survey reveals community priorities for parks, facilities, natural areas


The Bend Park and Recreation District released the results of a community survey Tuesday, showing what people say are their top priorities.

“It’s a really important opportunity for us to gain some insights into how people are using parks and trails and open spaces and needing recreation and how well are needs being met,” said BPRD Community Relations Manager Julie Brown.

Some 2,700 people took the survey. Those results showed the top three community priorities include:

  • Maintaining parks and facilities.
  • Conserving natural areas along the Deschutes River.
  • Developing parks and trails in underserved areas.

“They want to make sure that we’re taking care of those first,” Brown said. “That’s something that we’re really committed to doing. They also want to make sure that access to the Deschutes River is a priority and the river trail in particular.”

A few things the community thinks can be improved or changed: outdoor courts and fields are considered least necessary, with indoor gym space/courts being the most needed within this category.

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“We’re about at year five of our ten-year plan, Brown said. “So this really gives us a chance to look at are we on track and do we just kind of continue on with all of the things that we had planned to build. Or, is this the time that maybe we need to make some adjustments and maybe think about some things a little bit differently.”

BPRD plans to come back to the board of directors in February or March and share more about what was learned and what changes might need a re-recommendation moving forward.


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