Bend Park and Recreation District waives SDC fees for Veterans Village

The Bend Park and Recreation District has waived system development charges for the Veterans Village housing project.

Park Board members and staff agreed the Veterans Village project meets the intent of the district’s desire to waive the additional charges for temporary shelters.

“I’m pleased with the robust discussion by the board of directors and the result that will contribute toward veterans housing in our community,” said Nathan Hovekamp, chair, BPRD board of directors. “We have a concerted effort underway to balance our responsibility to provide parks, trails and recreation amenities and do our part to contribute to the crucial needs as our community grows. This waiver is part of our bigger commitment to many aspects of affordability.”

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SDCs are the main source of funding for the development of parks, trails and recreation facilities to serve growth. The SDC methodology establishes the SDC fees, which influence future revenues for SDC eligible projects in the district’s adopted Capital Improvement Plan.

The Bend Heroes Foundation applied for a waiver of park SDCs for the Veterans Village project.

The Veterans Village project includes the development of a temporary shelter with social services to house veterans experiencing homelessness. The goal of the project is to transition residents to permanent, or permanent supportive housing, within two years from when individuals first begin living in Veterans Village.

In January 2021, the BPRD board of directors approved Resolution No. 2021-01, which waives SDCs for temporary/emergency shelter developments.

The Veterans Village project meets all of the requirements of the district’s waiver program for shelter developments, except the deed restriction requirement due to a partnership with Deschutes County to lease land. Progress on the development of the village is underway and expected to be completed in summer 2021.

The meeting video is available here.


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