▶️ Father-daughter triathletes among Pacific Crest Endurance racers in Bend


At Sunnyside Sports in Bend, Rebekah Goad and her dad wait at the service counter with biking shoes in hand.

“When I tell them that we’re doing a father-daughter triathlon, they love it and can’t believe he’s in that good of shape to do that,” said Rebekah.

Rebekah and Richard are celebrating Father’s Day on the run. They’ll also swim and bike.

“The secret goal was to beat her,” Richard said.

Regardless of who beats who, the duo from Seattle and from Temple, Texas are just ready to compete.

“So this is our third triathlon together as a father daughter duo and we’re doing it on Father’s Day this Sunday the Deschutes Dash,” Rebekah said.

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The Deschutes Dash, now the Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival, moved to Riverbend Park from Sunriver after 25 years.

“The event had grown and the footprint of Sunriver had not grown so we were taking up space where we thought maybe we’d look up a space that’s bigger to do the actual event in,” said Karissa Schoene, the owner of WHY Racing Events which organizes the Pacific Crest Endurance.

On Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., multiple roads will be closed for the event.

  • Century Drive between Skyline Ranch Road and SW Colorado Avenue
  • SW Colorado Avenue between SW Century Drive and SW Columbia Street
  • SW Columbia Street between SW Colorado Avenue and SW Shevlin Hixon Drive

As for the events?

“This year we are not going to have our full marathon or our 25k or 50k trail run or our cycle tour that we typically have,” Schoene said.

However, all those events will be returning next year, along with eligibility for the Boston Marathon.

“We’re anticipating 1,500 people this year,” Schoene said “Typically the event is around 3-4,000 people.”

Schoene added that the estimated revenue for the Bend area based on the race’s tourism is near $3 million.

It’s also rebuilding a historic athletic event that draws people from all over, like the Goads.

“Let me put it this way. It was 103 degrees in Temple yesterday. I am ecstatic to be here,” Richard said.

“The community, the beer, the coffee, the food. It’s just the best,” Rebekah said.

Adding the Pacific Crest Endurance makes for a Father’s Day weekend the Goads won’t forget.

“We’re just excited to be here. We can’t wait,” Rebekah said.

“Just excited to do this with my daughter and all of my family,” Richard said.

If you’re interested in competing, the link to sign up is here.


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