▶️ Chimney, part of porch on historic Anderson home in Bend collapse after move


The chimney and some shingles from the porch of the historic Nels and Lillian Anderson House in north Bend collapsed following its 700-yard move Tuesday night.

A construction worker tells Central Oregon Daily News that hydraulics on the vehicle that moved the house collapsed. In the video above, you can see at least one set of wheels on the vehicle is turned inward.

Despite the outer damage to the home, Instant Landscaping, which owns the house and uses it for their offices, says there’s no indication of any other significant damage. They chose not to comment further.

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The home was moved as part of the Bend North Corridor Project, which will re-route part of Highway 97 to the east of where it is now between Cooley Road and Empire Avenue.

Central Oregon Daily has reached out to the City of Bend and the Oregon Department of Transportation for comment.

The home was built in 1929 in the center of the original Nels and Lillian Anderson homestead on a dairy farm. The timber used in building the home was milled at the old Brooks Scanlon Mill.


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