▶️ Watch: Historic Anderson home in Bend is slowly moved 700 yards


A historic home in northeast Bend was on the move Tuesday night.

Instant Landscaping, located next to Highway 97 just north of Empire Avenue, was moving the Nels and Lillian Anderson Farmstead House about 700 yards.

The home serves as the office for the business. It was built in 1929 in the center of the original Nels and Lillian Anderson homestead on a dairy farm. The timber used in building the home was milled at the old Brooks Scanlon Mill.

The relocation was needed due to the Bend North Corridor Project, which will move part of Highway 97 that runs between Empire Avenue and Cooley Road.

The new 97 will be built between the current highway and the railroad tracks. The old 97 will become an extension of 3rd Street.

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