▶️ Bend Neighborhood Street Safety Program Seeks Input


By Brooke Snavely
Central Oregon Daily

This small roundabout at 6th & Norton is an example of the types of traffic calming devices that neighbors can suggest and the city can quickly construct under the Neighborhood Street Safety Program.

“This can be anything from speed bumps to street crossing markings too little roundabouts. All of these are little traffic calming activities that pertain to certain neighborhoods,” said Dave Johnson, Old Farm District Neighborhood Association.

Thirteen neighborhood associations will collect and prioritize resident suggestions and present them to the Neighborhood Association Leaders Alliance for review.

The City will then fund the highest priority projects with $800,000 ear-marked for citizen-identified traffic safety improvements. The projects will be built within the next two years.

“A project might be building a median to help pull the stop signs together so the vehicles can see each other and have clear direction when to stop,” said Janet Hruby with the Bend Streets & Operations Department. “And then you have an amenity and feature for the neighborhood and help pedestrians cross this. Right now you have a big street and it’s hard to know where to cross this and for vehicles to know where you are.”

Public comments are now being accepted for small scale traffic safety improvements. If you’d like to participate, go to the City of Bend’s website, enter the words Neighborhood Street Safety Program and you’ll find all the information you need to get involved.


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