Bend Marathon sees 1.7K racers hit the course


Through the Old Mill, over the bridge, and into the city…the route brought smiles to a crowd of eager runners on Sunday morning. 

The 7th Annual Bend Marathon began at 7 a.m. in the Old Mill District, while the Half Marathon started at 8 a.m. and the 10k and 5k races followed at 8:30 a.m. 

Weather conditions were chilly, with temperatures reaching only the low 40’s at their highest. 

However, some runners were grateful for the cooler temps. 

“I love to run in the cold, and this was beautiful,” said Saul Goldfarb, a marathon finisher who came up from California for the event. “You just throw on a couple of extra layers, your body heats up and you feel great. When it’s too hot, you melt and there’s nothing you can do, so I was very happy today.” 

Goldfarb was one of 1,700 racers signed up across the four events. 

He said he had visited town years ago and loved the area, and was eager to get involved when he heard about the marathon. 

The course was a little ‘hillier’ than he anticipated. 

“But it was gorgeous, and my wish came true, I got to see all of Bend, so it was great,” Goldfarb added. 

An array of vendors greeted runners at the finish line, from Cascade Lakes Brewing to Hydroflask. 

Co-Race Director Max King said since the event was virtual for the past couple of years, this year was almost like doing it for the first time again. 

“It’s been so far really good, the energy is really high, everybody is saying really good things and it seems like everybody is having a good time, even despite the weather,” he said. 

The course was mostly similar to the 2019 course, but they placed the start and finish line in a slightly different area to allow a little more space on the Old Mill lawn. 

King hopes that the event will turn into a hallmark of the Bend community as the years go on. 

“This is meant to be a really community-minded event,” he said. “We hope that it grows over the years, but it becomes something like the PPP (Pole Pedal Paddle) where everybody in town really loves the event and wants to do it and just has a lot of fun with it, and we bring the community into it.” 

Race results will be posted here:


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