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The suspect in a Christmas Day assault that killed a woman has now been arrested and charged with three counts of second-degree murder after two people were found dead inside a southwest Bend home on Sunday.

Randall Kilby, 35, is being held without bail, according to jail records. He was officially charged with second-degree murder for the death of 43-year-old Daphne Dawn Killian-Banks, who died in January after weeks on life-support.

On Sunday, 66-year-old Jeffrey Taylor and 69-year-old Benjamin Taylor were found dead inside a home at 60971 Granite Drive – the same home as the assault on Christmas Day, according to Bend Police Lt. Juli McConkey.

Kilby was charged with second-degree murder for those deaths as well.

“Based on the evidence on the scene, based on his mother’s eyewitness account and based on the statements by Mr. Kilby, he was arrested for the murders of Jeffrey and Benjamin Taylor,” Hummel said in an afternoon news conference. “Mr. Kilby also provided a statement about the death of Daphne Banks in January of this year. This new information resulted in his arrest for the murder of Ms. Banks.”

Hummel also gave new details on the crime and arrest.

He said Kilby was living at the home with his mother, Darlene Allen, and the two Taylor brothers.

At some point on Saturday, Kilby became angry with Jeffrey Taylor and killed him with a hatchet in front of Allen, Hummel said.

“And then, why the second roommate was murdered, still determining the exact details of that, so I won’t speculate,” he said, adding that Allen did not see it happen.

Later Saturday, Kilby left the home with his mom in a car and the two drove around for hours, Hummel said.

They eventually returned to the home and Kilby watched over his mother through the night.

The next morning, Allen suggested the two go on a walk in the area.

Hummel said while on the walk, Allen mouthed “Help” to one neighbor; she was later able to get free from Kilby and run to another neighbor for help.

Allen’s plea and the 911 call from a neighbor sent police scrambling to the area.

When officers arrived, they found two people dead inside the home.

Later Sunday, police issued an alert to about 1,700 residents in the area to watch for a person of interest – a white man in his mid-30s with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a long sleeve shirt and black pants.

Officers responded to reports he was near Brookswood Blvd. near Larkwood Drive. They arrested the Kilby there and he was taken to jail.

At the time of the Christmas assault, the occupants of the home, including Kilby, said Killian-Banks had fallen and hit her head.

The two at some point had a romantic relationship, but Hummel said he wasn’t sure if it had ended before the incident occurred.

Kilby was considered a suspect but he was released from jail while the case was under investigation.

Hummel told Central Oregon Daily News after the incident on Christmas Day there wasn’t enough evidence yet to charge Kilby with murder.

He reiterated that Monday.

“We did not have sufficient evidence to convict Mr. Kilby of that crime,” Hummel said. Had he charged him in January Kilby likely would have been found not guilty. “We’ve never delayed charging someone for a homicide in this county when we’ve had sufficient evidence to prove they committed a crime and to convict them.”

Hummel said Kilby on Sunday night provided key evidence in Killian-Banks’ death “that was extremely helpful to our investigation,” which led to the murder charges against him.

The DA stopped short of saying Kilby confessed to the crime.

Killian-Banks’ daughters, Rio and Laci Killian, told Central Oregon Daily News in February they were frustrated that initial autopsy results and what they were told by their mother’s surgeon were not enough to hold Kilby.

We had a chance to talk with them both on Monday.

“I’ve lived in Bend my entire life and I feel like I’ve never felt more unsafe in our community until now,” Rio said. “It’s really heartbreaking that it took two more people to die before they [the District Attorney’s Office] took us seriously.”

We’ll have more from that interview tonight at 5 p.m.

Bend woman dies from injuries after alleged Christmas assault



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