Bend man pleads guilty to child exploitation charges, sentenced to 33 years


A Bend man was sentenced Monday to 33 years in prison on child exploitation charges after reaching a plea deal with the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office.

Keith Laurens James Fyten pleaded guilty to eight charges of using a child in display of sexually explicit conduct and one count of luring a minor.

“We calculate that the earliest Mr. Fyten will be released from prison is when he’s 75 years old,” DA John Hummel said. “The main reason we agreed to a sentence that would give him any chance of release is that the young victims, while willing to testify if necessary, were reluctant to testify in a public courtroom about sex acts they were forced to engage in while minors.”

Fyten was initially arrested in November 2019 and charged with nearly 100 counts of luring and using a child in the display of sexually explicit material.

Court documents show the crimes Fyten pleaded guilty to date back to July 2014.

Hummel said in October of 2017, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office was made aware that two middle school students, had sent nude photographs to a purported 18-year-old male on Facebook named David Brown.

The man told the girls he was new to Bend, had a lot of money, drove a Corvette and owned a Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise.

Two of the girls believed the subject was the other girl’s boyfriend.

One of the girls received sexually explicit photographs from the male subject, and all three were requested to send sexually explicit photographs of themselves to him, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives investigating the incident learned that neither of the girls had met the male, only contacting him through messaging or video calls.

During the video calls, the male’s camera was blacked out to keep them from seeing him.

Detectives then obtained internet service provider information and Facebook information during the investigation.

Hummel said when Facebook returned the records “the amount of data was overwhelming and what was contained in the data was shocking.”

He said there were more than 100,000 pages of conversations and more than 2,000 conversation threads – almost all with young girls.

“In the threads, David Brown would manipulate the minors into engaging in sexual acts. He would play on their insecurities, he would offer them money, and offer them fake jobs at Dutch Bros, all in an effort to get the minors to send him photos and videos of them engaging in sexual acts,” Hummel said. “The acts would include nude photos, the minors engaging in masturbation, performing sexual acts with sex toys, performing sexual acts with animals and engaging in sex acts with other minors.”

The DA said that if the girls only sent one photo, “Brown” would threaten to send the photos to other people.

“This went on for years (over a decade), with victims from all over the country,” Hummel said.

Ultimately, the internet data revealed the man communicating with the girls was not a teenage boy but was actually Fyten.

Sgt. Jayson Janes said during the investigation detectives learned that Fyten had left the United States in November 2018 and moved to the Netherlands.

The detective continued to look through Fyten’s social media history and found that he was messaging numerous underage girls throughout the US, portraying himself as a teenage boy, Janes said.

Fyten sent numerous sexually explicit photographs of a younger male subject and requested sexually explicit photographs and videos from the girls he was in contact with.

Detectives contacted about 16 underage girls in the Central Oregon area who had contact with Fyten on Facebook Messenger, Janes said.

He said Fyten asked all of the girls to send sexually explicit photos or videos to him.

Law enforcement agencies across the country were contacted and asked to help with finding and interviewing other underage girls related to this case.

Numerous girls were contacted in different parts of the US who had similar types of conversations with Fyten, Janes said.

The underage girls had also received sexually explicit photographs of a younger male and upon his request, they sent sexually explicit photographs and videos of themselves, Janes said.

A warrant was issued for Fyten’s arrest in 2019 and he was arrested in November that year when he flew into Chicago from the Netherlands for the holidays.

He had a cell phone with him at the time and detectives were able to analyze the data to find screenshots from the David Brown account, including conversations with the known victims, Hummel said.


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