▶️ Bend man arrested in parking garage with air-soft weapons, body armor, gas mask

A Bend man was arrested Thursday night after someone reported seeing him with several weapons in the parking garage downtown.

Someone called 911 around 7:30 to say they saw a man in the garage between two cars with a handgun. He had body armor on the ground next to him and he was assembling a rifle and another gun of some kind, Cpl. Jeff Frickey said.

When officers arrived, they found the man, 38-year-old Timothy Edwin Dort, on the third floor and he appeared to have multiple guns around him.

Frickey said at one point the man put a gas mask around his neck as if he was going to access it quickly.

The situation forced officers to close the garage and divert people away from the scene.

Once more officers arrived on the scene, officers commanded the man to show his hands.

With the help of K-9 Rony, the man was contacted and arrested on second-degree disorderly conduct charges. He was not bitten or injured and he cooperated with officers.

Dort is no stranger to police. He’s been booked on various charges more than 40 times in recent years.

Officers discovered the guns were air-soft type firearms that very closely resembled live guns.

“He did have one handgun and two rifles,” said Lt. Juli McConkey. “They were all airsoft guns, but from the vantage point of all officers, as well as the concerned citizen, they looked like real firearms.”

McConkey says as a witness, it’s important to not take these situations into your own hands.

“Call us first. Don’t take action on your own. Be the best witness that you can be,” she said. “Call the police department, we’ll get there, assess the situation as we did last night, and then take the male into custody with no incident.”

No other information was provided.


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