Bend man arrested for domestic violence, attempting to escape police


A Bend man who was being investigated for a domestic violence incident was arrested Sunday afternoon after he tried to escape from police officers.

A Bend Police officer pulled over a vehicle in the Safeway parking lot at 642 NE 3rd St. at around 4:30 p.m., after he identified 36-year-old Jeffrey Michael Salt as the driver.

The officer had probable cause to arrest Salt for Strangulation, Assault IV-Felony, Harassment, Menacing and Coercion after an incident on Oct. 2.

Salt would not obey directions from the officer, who then called for assistance.

There was concern Salt would flee in his car, and other officers surrounded him with their vehicles.

Salt refused to exit his vehicle and then attempted to drive away.

He hit three Bend PD vehicles in the process, two of which had officers standing next to them.

Salt was unable to escape and finally exited the vehicle, and he was arrested and booked at Deschutes County Jail for crimes committed in the course of that incident, as well as the previous domestic violence incident.

His charges are as follows:

October 2nd: Strangulation (2 counts), Assault IV-Felony (2 counts), Harassment (2 counts), Menacing and Coercion.

October 10th: Criminal Mischief I (3 counts), Attempt to Escape II, Attempt to Elude, Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangering (2 counts).


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