▶️ Local Acres Marketplace: Bend grocer gets name change to celebrate 38 years


After weeks of buildup, Bend’s “Food 4 Less” is now “Local Acres Marketplace.”

The store began shifting from a warehouse store to a local an organic store about three years ago.

The name “Food 4 Less” is the same as a subsidiary of the Kroger. But the Bend store has always been locally owned.

“And you know, over the years we’ve been trying to come up with a name that would get us away from the the connotation of being a corporate store or a big, you know, warehouse style box store, because we’re not that at all. We’re much more than that,” said Local Acres Marketplace Director Aaron Price.

The name change comes with the store’s 38th anniversary celebration, which continues through July 18. The celebration comes with sales on local products as well as a food drive for NeighborImpact.

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