Bend La-Pine Schools: ‘SeeSaw’ security breach led to app removal from iPads


A security breach involving Bend-La Pine School District vendor SeeSaw led the district to temporarily remove the company’s app from teacher and student iPads Wednesday.

Some parents were sent a message Wednesday morning saying the SeeSaw system was affected, but without many specifics other than there was an apparent hack.

Later in the day, an email was sent to parents saying that a security breach led to an inappropriate message being delivered to email accounts nationwide.

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The district said it took “swift action” to remove the app from iPads while it investigated. The issue did not originate with Bend-LaPine Schools, the district added.

SeeSaw has fixed the problem, according to the district. The app may be back in use this week.

According to the district website, SeeSaw “is digital learning platform where students, teachers, and parents can share work and announcements in a safe, secure and private environment.”

The SeeSaw website the tool allows teachers to create activities to share with students, allows students to take pictures, draw and record videos and families to see their child’s work and leave comments.


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