Bend-La Pine schools hire three new principals


Bend La-Pine Schools Superintendent Steven Cook announced the new principals selected for Pine Ridge Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary, and Silver Rail Elementary.

The following is the announcement from the district:

Today, Superintendent Steven Cook announced the selection of three new principals to serve at local elementary schools: Nichole Reiland will serve at Pine Ridge Elementary School, Patrick Flanagan will serve at Ponderosa Elementary School and Lybe (pronounced lib-ee) Hawkins will serve at Silver Rail Elementary School.

“I am thrilled to announce the selection of these three dynamic, caring leaders for our schools. I believe the students, staff and families of Silver Rail, Ponderosa and Pine Ridge will be well served with these principals in the years to come,” said Cook.


Nichole Reiland, who is currently the Interim Principal at Pine Ridge, said she is excited to continue to serve the community at Pine Ridge.

“It’s a really special place that has a true community feel. These are some of the most skilled educators I’ve ever worked with and I’m so excited to have a journey and path forward with them,” said Reiland. “I am focused on equity and thinking about how we can best serve all of our students. I want families to know that I’m here to partner with them and am dedicated to doing what’s best for kids.”

Previously, Reiland served as the Assistant Principal at Juniper Elementary for four years and at Buckingham for one year. Reiland has 15 years of teaching experience, including nine years as a Title I Reading Specialist.

“Nichole Reiland is known for her ability to create inclusive cultures and her collaborative approach to problem solving,” said Cook. “She’s someone who thinks deeply about public education as a whole,  while also caring and connecting with individuals.”


Patrick Flanagan, who is currently the Principal at La Pine Elementary, is looking forward to serving the staff, students and families of Ponderosa.

“I am deeply grateful for all I have learned during my time at La Pine and for the relationships and people I’ve met during my time there,” said Flanagan. “I am excited for this opportunity and to lead a school in Bend, which is where I’ve lived for many years.”

Flanagan wants families and staff to know that he leads with an approachable style and believes in “working together to support kids.”

Flanagan served as Principal at La Pine Elementary for eight years. Prior to that, he spent one year as the Assistant Principal at La Pine Elementary. Flanagan has 14 years of classroom teaching experience in Bend and California.

“Patrick Flanagan is an experienced principal who will bring a dynamic energy to Ponderosa,” said Cook. “He’s known for his focus on family engagement and ability to connect with individuals from all backgrounds.”

Flanagan will begin as principal July 1.


Lybe Hawkins, who is currently serving as Interim Principal at Silver Rail, feels grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the Silver Rail community, which she calls “supportive and open-hearted.”

“I want families and staff to know that, first and foremost, I put relationships with students, staff and families first,” said Hawkins. “I love working collaboratively with families – we cannot do this work without them. I want to continue to encourage and foster connections with families as we continue to build upon our strong school culture.” 

Previously, Hawkins served as the Assistant Principal at Lava Ridge Elementary in Bend for six years and also as the Student Services Director at Ensworth Elementary for one year. Hawkins has 16 years of teaching experience in Bend and California.

“Lybe Hawkins is known for her keen ability to foster warm relationships and build connections,” said Cook. “She is also a strong thinker who understands how systems can be developed to operate in support of student learning.”


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