▶️ Knott Landfill could become a solar farm after its time runs out


As Deschutes County gets close to choosing a final site for a new landfill, it’s trying to figure out what to do with Knott Landfill when it reaches capacity in 2029.

Once option being considered is turning it into a solar farm. Turning old landfills into energy farms is a trend happening around the country.

“We’re not able to build on top of it. It’s not solid footing, as they say. So it has to have some sort of passive use,” said Tim Brownell, Director of Solid Waste, Deschutes County.

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Deschutes County is also considering other options for the site, like biking and hiking trails and a disc golf course.

The county has identified the “Moon Pit” and “Roth East” sites, both located east of the Bend, as the finalists for the new landfill. It hopes to make a decision by spring.


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