▶️ Jeep with giant skeleton spotted driving around Bend. Meet the owner.


Have you seen the Jeep with the giant skeleton on the back driving around Bend this month? Central Oregon Daily News tracked down owner Kellie Osborn, who went all out for the spooky season.

“It’s fun. Why not?” she said. “We love seeing all the smiles and just congratulations and the ‘oh, my gosh, you’re awesome.’”

Kellie and her husband are the owners of Alvin, the Halloween-themed Jeep.

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“We don’t have any kids come over to our house. No one ever gets to see us decorate,” she said. “My husband had a great idea and said, ‘Hey, why not the Jeep?’”

During the interview, more fans stopped by to get a quick picture of the car. It’s something Osborn says happens all the time.

“We see a lot of cell phones and smiles,” she said. “That’s mainly what we want is the smiles.”

Central Oregon has fallen in love with the display, including the main piece — a 12-foot skeleton, like the ones you find at Home Depot, hanging off the back.

There is more to Alvin than just the skeleton. There are smaller skeletons, spiders and a couple of Jason Voorhees hockey masks on the grille. “Blood red” handprints are on the hood. Messages “Run” and “Help me” are on the doors. And more spiders and skeletons can be found on the roof and the sides.

Osborn plans to tear down the display next weekend, but don’t worry, you may see the skeleton next Halloween.

“Oh, yeah,” she said of the skeleton’s popularity. “He’s a big hit, and he’s definitely going to return.”


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