Hunnell Road is back open for driving, but not camping — yet

Hunnell Road

Hunnell Road in Bend is back open to traffic, three weeks after it was closed down to clear out the homeless community living there. The road has been freshly cleaned and striped, including bike lanes.

While people can drive on Hunnell Road, they are not allowed to park or camp there until at least Aug. 21.

At that point, the City of Bend’s camping code — enacted in March — will apply to the Hunnell area. That means people are only allowed to camp there for 24 hours. If given notice by the City to vacate, they will have up to 72 hours to do so and have to move at least one block or 600 feet. They also cannot return for at least 72 hours.

The City says it may also close an area to camping for up to 14 days for safety and restoration purposes.

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Homeless people lined both sides of Hunnell Road in north Bend for years with tents and RVs.

The City announced on June 21 that it was going to close and clean the road. After a brief court battle by those living there, Hunnell was closed on July 18 and people were told to vacate. Those with disabilities were given an extra week.

Growing homeless camp off Bend Parkway to be cleared

One place that has seen a growing homeless community is just off the southbound lanes of the Bend Parkway near the Wilson Avenue overpass.

People have noticed more tents and tarps along the bike path there — and even a car parked between the path and the fence.

The Oregon Department of Transportation says it will be sending crews out to clean that area sometime between Aug. 16 and Aug. 25.


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