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Ian Cranston guilty of manslaughter in death of Barry Washington Jr.

Ian Cranston was found guilty Wednesday of first and second degree manslaughter, first degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon in the death of Barry Washington, Jr.  He was found not guilty of second degree murder.

Washington was shot and killed in downtown Bend in September 2021.

“I’m just pleased to have some sort of justice for my son,” said Washington’s mother, Lawanda Roberson, after the verdict was read. “This has been very hard and hopefully this is just something that will bring a little bit of closure.” Read more

Bend City Council approves camping code after months of deliberation

The Bend City Council approved Title 4, or the new camping code, with four out of the seven councilors supporting it Wednesday night.

The new Bend code bans unhoused people from camping in residential areas, city property and public rights-of-way. These include, but are not limited to, sidewalks, roads and roundabouts.

Homeless campers will be unable to stay in one spot for more than 24 hours and will be given 72 hours, once they have received notice, to move. But enforcement is not expected to begin for months. Read more

Measure 114 takes effect sooner than you may realize

Measure 114 — Oregon’s newest gun control law — will go into effect sooner than some people may have thought.

Oregon State Police say they were notified by the Secretary of State’s Office that the measure will take effect on December 8, not January 15 as some — including law enforcement — have stated.

The Oregon Hunters Association says some retailers have already said they plan to halt gun sales on December 8. Read more

Swan who survived mass waterfowl casualty event being rehabilitated in Central Oregon

A wildlife hospital in Bend is treating the survivor of a mass waterfowl casualty event that happened near Burns.

The tundra swan was lucky to survive a casualty event that killed about 30 swans and snow geese near the town of Drewsey in Harney County the morning of November 8. 

Biologists believe the migrating birds were disoriented by a lunar eclipse and a snowstorm. Read more

Retired truck driver wins $1 million in Powerball, plans to buy wife a Cadillac

The Oregon Lottery says Brooks Keebey, 82, of Salem won the seven-figure prize in the November 8 drawing.

The lottery said the 82-year-old “knew something was up when he scanned his ticket at a local store and it told him to see customer service. He then learned the ticket he purchased on November 7, 2022 was worth $1 million.”

Keebey is planning to use his winnings to pay property taxes and buy his wife a used Cadillac, the lottery said. He also said the money will be good for the remainder of his retirement. Read more


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