▶️ Wild goose chase in Bend: Two wayward goslings get police response


Bend Police went on a wild goose chase Saturday after finding two goslings wandering near Purcell Blvd and Yeoman Rd, not far from Ponderosa Elementary.

“You know we like to keep everybody safe, whether that’s our animal or people friends in our community,” Sheila Miller, Bend Police Department communications manager said. “Obviously the officer was concerned enough that we needed to get these animals somewhere safe.”
The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office then helped find a place for the baby geese to lay low for a couple of days until their owners were found.

“So the sheriff’s office has a facility that they can use for certain livestock and then sometimes we’ll call Sunriver Nature Center,” Miller said. “Or different animal rescue groups that can help us out on a short notice basis.”

Sam and Lightning with the Yellow Hair, named after the show “1883,” have since made their way back home. Their owner said she thinks the geese followed her daughter to her car. Her daughter did not notice and the geese then tried to follow the car down the street. From there, they could not find their way back.

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Miller said there are not many lost goose calls coming into Bend PD.

“We definitely get animal calls often for dogs or other animals that shouldn’t be where they are,” Miller said. “Then of course, obviously, as we get into the more rural areas, the sheriff’s office and other groups get calls like that as well.”

A happy ending for two silly geese with the help of local law enforcement.

If you lose a pet yourself, Bend PD suggests calling the local humane society or non-emergency dispatch.

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