Bend Golf Club hosts 5th Annual Holiday Bazaar


Signs of the upcoming season were seen at Bend Golf Club’s 5th Annual Holiday Bazaar on Sunday.

Throughout the day, vendors from ages nine to nearly 90 sold their wares, including jewelry, home decor, and other crafted goods.

It was nine-year-old Stella Kearney’s first time selling her friendship bracelets and hand-crocheted crafts at the bazaar.

“The bracelets were my first thing, I started that like two years ago, and I started making baskets like right at the start of school,” she said.

Harriet Langmas has been selling her hats made out of old scraps of fabric every year since the bazaar started.

“It gives me a chance to show my things, and I like to encourage people also to make things out of scraps. And there are so many clever women here, I love all of them,” Langmas said.

At least 75% of the vendors were members of the Golf Club.

Organizers said it was their first time back after having to cancel in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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