▶️ WATCH: Pair of foxes spotted on Bend Ring camera


A pair of what are believed to be foxes showed up in the middle of the night on a Bend family’s Ring camera over the weekend.

Jauna Bottemiller posted the video on the I Love Bend Facebook page. It starts with one animal coming into view, with a second joining it seconds later.

The video was recorded on Sunday, Jan. 15, just before 1:00 a.m. It was in NE Bend next to the canal.

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Some people on the Facebook post were wondering if they were coyotes or foxes. We asked Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife District Biologist Andrew Walch to take a look.

“Sure looks like a pair of foxes to me,” Walch said in an email. “They’ve got their winter coat of fur right now, so look big and fluffy, but the tail and face / ears sure look like fox.”


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