Not all is lost! Bend fireworks, Airshow of the Cascades still a go

Pilot Butte Fireworks

Bend’s annual fireworks show off the top of Pilot Butte is still a go and and organizers said Thursday they have no plans to cancel it.

The Bend New Car Dealership Association runs the fireworks display and president Matt Thomas said he’s confirmed their plans with the fire department.

Thomas said since parks are open, there seems to be no reason it would be canceled.

The event also stands a better chance of happening because it doesn’t necessarily attract large crowds to any one location. Residents line their neighborhood streets or gather throughout town in open spaces to get a view of the display, but maintaining social distancing is doable.

It’s a breath of good news for locals who feared COVID would wipe clear their entire summer calendar.

Bend Parks and Recreation announced Wednesday the annual 4th of July Pet Parade and Old-Fashioned Festival was canceled. Hours later, the Deschutes County Fair was canceled.

Thomas said he would have more to share after a meeting on May 18th.

The Bend New Car Dealership Association is made up of Subaru of Bend, Robberson Ford, Kendall Toyota, Smolich Motors, Lithia Motors, Team Kia of Bend, Team Hyundai of Bend, Bend Honda and Chevrolet of Bend.

It took ownership of the fireworks display in 2018.

Meanwhile, Joe Krenowicz, director of the Madras Chamber of Commerce said they are moving forward with plans for the 20th annual Oregon Airshow of the Cascades in late August.

According to the event’s website, “it was a unanimous decision among 25+ members of the team to continue moving forward in hopes that the COVID-19 restrictions will either be lifted in time for the show or the show can be modified to meet what may be less limited restrictions by then. Those modifications may include limiting the number of tickets sold to how the chalet tents are laid out.”

The annual event at the Madras Airport features dozens of vintage planes, vintage cars, aerobatic aircraft shows, events for kids, live music and more.

It’s currently slated for August 28-29.



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