▶️ Don’t call 911 to report illegal fireworks in Bend


Bend city officials are encouraging residents and visitors to enjoy the Pilot Butte fireworks show Monday night rather than lighting off their own fireworks. And they are reminding folks there is a citywide ban on fireworks.

Bend Fire and Rescue warns that people caught lighting fireworks could face a $750 fine.

It’s also asking anyone who wants to report illegal fireworks use to not call 911.

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The ban does not include things like smoke bombs, snakes and party poppers. And while traditional wire core sparklers are allowed, those narrow, paper tube “flitter” sparklers are not.

Because of the ban, there are no fireworks sales in Bend. While nearby communties that don’t have a ban do have the familiar fireworks tents, the city says it’s illegal to light those fireworks in Bend.

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If you do decide to light off fireworks, Fire and Rescue reminds you to make sure to soak the remnants in water before throwing them out. Two homes in Bend were destroyed in 2019 because of improperly disposed of fireworks. 

You’re also reminded to have a water source on hand when lighting off fireworks; light them off on gravel or a paved road; and only let adults light them off.

If you feel the need to report someone lighting off fireworks, do not call 911 unless they have caused a fire or have injured someone. For all other reports, Fire and Rescue says to call non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911 or email fireworks@bendoregon.gov 


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