▶️ Bend Fire and Rescue, known for cardiac survival rates, learns new protocol


Bend Fire and Rescue is one of the top fire departments in the country when it comes to cardiac survival. They hold a 50% survival rate when treating people suffering cardiac arrest. That’s 30% above the national average.

The reason for such a high survival rate is the constant training and modifications they perform.

On Friday, Bend Fire and Rescue responders held an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training where they learned a new resuscitation protocol from the New England Journal of Medicine.

“We’re just super excited to kind of implement. Take science out of the New England Journal of Medicine and put it out to the citizens of Bend. We’re always looking for things that will help them survive,” said Petar Hossick, EMS Training Captain for Bend Fire and Rescue. “And, you know, one or two more survivors may not seem like a lot. But to that family, instead of a funeral, that’s another birthday. That’s another anniversary. That’s another graduation for those folks.”

The department is constantly working with other law enforcement to ensure that people are trained properly.

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