▶️ Family, police ask for help finding missing 16-year-old Bend girl


A Bend family and police are searching for a 16-year-old girl who has been missing since Wednesday.

The family of Aracely Gonzalez last saw her on Tuesday night leaving her grandparents’ home on Hamilton Lane, near the Murphy Road roundabout.

“She’s my height almost [5’4″], she has really long brown, beautiful hair, she has big smile,” said her uncle Victor Gonzalez. “She can make anybody smile.”

The Mountain View High School student was last seen wearing a white hoodie and dark blue jeans.

Her family does not know where she was going, but says this is unlike her.

“She doesn’t do drugs, she’s a good student in school, has As and Bs,” Gonzalez said. “She helps out everybody.”

Gonzalez’s uncle adds she and her ex-boyfriend got in an argument and broke up around this same time.

Bend Police learned that Gonzalez was supposed to be working at T.J. Maxx at 9:15am on January 13th, but she did not show up.

Bend Police are investigating, but say they do not have any leads.

“It’s open, it’s ongoing,” said Bend Police Lt. Clint Burleigh. “You know our focus is trying to find a 16-year-old who is not at her home right now. We’re trying to help the family reconnect with her to make sure she’s safe.”

Gonzalez left her belongings, except her phone, and deleted multiple social media accounts.

This comes as a surprise to both her family and the mother of one of her best friends.

“I guess she deleted her Snapchat and everything else, so we’re kind of worried because she doesn’t have anybody that we know,” Gabriela Magana, mother of friend said. “The only family members that she has is here.”

All this family desperately wants is for Gonzalez to come home.

“It’s really hard right now,” Gonzalez said. “To think of what might of happened to her.”

If you have any information on this case, call Bend Police non-emergency dispatch at (541) 693-6911.


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