Bend house fire caused by vent pipe too close to wood framing

Broken Top house fire

A fire at a home in Bend’s Broken Top neighborhood did $230,000 in damage Thursday night. Investigators say the cause was a vent pipe for the gas fireplace that was too close to structural framing.  

Bend Fire and Rescue said it happened at a home on Fall Creek Loop near Tetherow. It was initially reported as a fire in a back bedroom and roof area.

Firefighters arrived to find smoke coming from the roof and they quickly put it out.

No injuries were reported by Bend Fire and Rescue.

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Investigators found that due to the location of the vent pipe, the wood structure was exposed to high heat over several years, causing the wood to dry and degrade.

“As the wood degrades, the temperature required to ignite the wood decreases, until it reaches the point of ignition,” Bend Fire and Rescue said in a statement. “In this case, the fire was mostly contained within the wall and attic space of the home.”

The fire department said it’s important to make sure anything that produces heat has space around it. Also remember to have fireplaces and woodstoves inspected and cleaned every year.

Damage to the $1.1 million home was estimated at $200,000. Additionally, $30,000 in belongings were lost.


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