▶️ Bend Elks pitcher drafted by Boston Red Sox, but keeping options open


Robert Orloski is an 18-year-old pitcher from Idaho. After a one-month stint with the Bend Elks, he recently received a life-changing call — drafted by the Boston Red Sox.

“You can’t really describe how I was feeling in the moment. It was really cool. It was an anxious three days of just waiting and waiting and waiting and then actually getting the call was amazing. I can’t really describe it, but it was an awesome feeling,” Orloski said.

Orloski’s official top pitching speed is 96 mph. Some say he’s reached 97.

After impressing scouts in high school, Orloski received a call from Bend Elks Pitching Coach Danny Sales.

“He’s the No. 1 player from Idaho,” Sales said. “As a person, I’ve been so impressed with his overall maturity in his process. From getting on the mound to the work he needs to put in on the days he doesn’t pitch to just the human he is.”

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Orloski was drafted in the 20th round of this year’s MLB draft — the 598th overall pick.

“The Northwest scout just called me and just said ‘Hey, we just picked you. We drafted you. We’d love for you to be a Boston Red Sock.’ He just told me to stay in contact through the details. It was a simple call but an awesome one,” Orloski said.

While it’s a major opportunity, Orloski says he’s holding out for a larger signing bonus. He still has other options if he decides not to follow through with Boston.

“If something comes around, I’ll definitely take it. If not, I’ll project myself bigger in the future. Go to college, get an education. I honestly think it’s a win-win situation,” Orloski said.

He did not say how much he was offered, but Sales said he believed it to be a six-figure payout.

Orloski said he plans on going to the University of Texas San Antonio if he does not sign with the Red Sox.

According to the Elks’ Twitter page, Kade Morris is also a Bend Elk that was drafted this year in the third round. He was the 101st overall pick and the 90th Bend Elk to be drafted since the team joined the West Coast League in 2005. The Elks say Morris was not on their active roster when he was drafted.


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