▶️ E-bike rider in Bend fractures pelvis after collision with car


A collision between an e-bike and Toyota Camry sent one person to the hospital with a fractured pelvis on Wednesday. 

Kelly and Mark Shafer were out for a bike ride. It was cut short when Mark was struck by a Toyota Camry on the roundabout at Simpson Avenue and Columbia Street in west Bend.

EMT’s arrived and the Bend Police and they took him off to the hospital. After some examination, they determined he has multiple fractures in his pelvic ring,” Kelly said.

Kelly says she was riding behind Mark. She said they were wearing helmets, using hand signals and biked with the flow of traffic before the car struck Mark.

“He flew up over onto her hood and then fell onto the ground on his right side,” Kelly said.

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Kelly says the driver was devastated.

“I felt bad for her if that makes any sense,” Kelly said. “If I was in her position, she just didn’t see him. There’s no excuse for that, but she was shaking and she was devastated. So I put my arm around her and told her, you know, ‘accidents happen.'”

Kelly hopes this story will raise awareness for drivers to pay closer attention to the road.

“Bend Police did tell me that the rules are real gray as far as where e-bikes should and shouldn’t be. I think if you’re riding an e-bike then you stay in the bike lane or on the road on the right side and ride with traffic. If you’re a driver, keep your eyes open,” Kelly said.

Kelly says Bend Police cited the driver after the accident. Central Oregon Daily News has reached out to police to confirm that and was waiting for a response Thursday.

Bend Police are promoting an e-bike safety campaign. You can find details on their social media channels.


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