Bend drive-thru boutique supports Cancer with Compassion


A drive-thru boutique held in Bend Saturday introduced a different approach to raising funds and awareness for a local cancer support group, Cancer with Compassion.

The Bend-based organization provides emotional, psychological and spiritual support for those with a cancer diagnosis.

Several organizations and businesses set up shop in the Holy Communion Church parking lot in southeast Bend to help the cause.

The group’s founder, retired reverend Cathie Young, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and decided to share her experiences with others in the same situation.

“It is helpful to you as you’re going through your own journey for you to reach out to others,” Young said. “I call it ‘the platform of life’, and placing that story on the platform of life so others can benefit from what you’ve benefited from.”

Cancer with Compassion works with St. Charles Cancer Center, as well as Summit Health’s Oncology Department.

The groups meet via zoom now, and they are open to people of all faith backgrounds.


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