▶️ Bend double murder case takes turn; trailer with victim’s ashes goes missing


The unsolved double homicide of a Bend couple in August has taken another mysterious turn.

The cremated remains of one of the victims have reportedly been stolen.

The bodies of 34-year-old Raymond Gene Atkinson Jr. and 29-year-old Natasha Newby were found in the basement of this home on NE 12th Street in Bend in August.

Detectives have served 40 search warrants and have multiple suspects in the murders. Police are investigating leads outside of Central Oregon.

Jonathan Woodstock, Raymond Atkinson’s half-brother, has been living in the house since shortly after the murders, preparing the property for sale.

To clear the home for inspection, Woodstock says he placed all his personal property into a camp trailer, including his brother’s ashes.

That trailer is now missing.

“Everything I had was in there. My clothes. My brother’s ashes. My bows. My arrows. My laptop. My PlayStation. My big screen TV. Everything that I brought down from my house in Seattle,” Woodstock said.

Woodstock said he parked the trailer on the north end of town near the intersection of Hunnell and Loco roads, an area where many homeless people live in tents and trailers.

“I just parked the camper there for a few days so that I way I could take it back up to Seattle. When I went to check on it on December 19, it was gone.”

Woodstock said he was making payments on the trailer, but lacking proof of ownership, he can’t sign a statement reporting that it was stolen.

Woodstock said friends of the murdered couple drove around Bend last night looking for the trailer.

One of the friends is offering a cash reward for its return.

“I just want my property,” Woodstock said. “If they want to keep the trailer, just give me my stuff back. That’s my brother’s ashes. That’s the one thing I have of him.”

Woodstock was named Raymond Atkinson’s heir.

He is feuding in court over the estate with Atkinson’s other brother who lives in Nevada.


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