Bend domestic violence suspect captured; escaped hospital after standoff, arrest


Bend Police captured a domestic violence suspect Thursday morning after he escaped from St. Charles following a standoff Wednesday in which he threatened to hurt officers and burn down his house.

The suspect, a 33-year-old man police have yet to identify, was initially arrested Wednesday afternoon when CERT team members forced their way into a bathroom closet where he was barricaded and a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office K-9 bit him.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment for the dog bite and other medical issues, but police say he escaped around 8:45 a.m. Thursday.

Lt. Juli McConkey said officers tracked down the suspect within 10 minutes in the 2100 block of Kim Lane.

Officers were able to successfully negotiate with the suspect and take him into custody. Bend Fire & Rescue took the man back to the hospital and he was then taken to jail.

Sgt. Rob Emerson said the incident started around 12:30 p.m. when officers received a call about a co-worker who was possibly the victim of  domestic violence.

Officers responded to the 2800 block of NE Sedalia Loop to talk with the victim, a 32-year-old woman, and get her to meet away from the home.

Police learned the woman had been a victim of assault, strangulation and menacing. They also learned the suspect had destroyed the victim’s phone to keep her from calling police.

The victim used a work cell phone to call a third party, Emerson said.

Bend Police learned the suspect had been acting erratic, was likely under the influence of controlled substances, and was last seen barricading himself in an upstairs bedroom with furniture from the house.

The suspect said he would burn the house down if the Police were contacted and made additional threats that increased the risk factors to him, the Police, and citizens in the neighborhood.

The Central Oregon Emergency Response Team and the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Ronin were called in to help.

CERT arrived on scene at about 2:35 p.m. and tried to contact the suspect through a PA system and with Crisis Negotiators via telephone.

Several neighbors were contacted and were asked to shelter in place.

When the suspect would not respond to phone calls, a negotiator responded to the scene and tried to reason with the suspect through the PA.

CERT made continual attempts to get the suspect to come out of the home while Bend Police applied for a search warrant to the residence and for the suspect.

After the warrant was granted, CERT advised the suspect he needed to come out of the residence and there was a warrant.

He still did not comply. He was advised if he did not comply he would be subject to chemical munitions and or a Police K-9, Emerson said.

Emerson said CERT eventually introduced chemical agents into the rooms it was believed the suspect was barricaded in and still did not receive a response.

CERT entered the home with K-9 Ronin and found the suspect barricaded in the master bathroom.

CERT members were able to force entry into the bathroom and learned the suspect had barricaded himself further in a walk-in closet within the master bathroom.

A Crisis Negotiator entered the residence to attempt to reason with the suspect, but the suspect still would not comply and began making attempts to harm himself and the Officers by starting a fire.

The suspect had emptied a gallon of Acetone in the closet and was in the process of using a lighter to start the fire while making threats to “burn the house down,” Emerson said.

CERT members forced entry into the closet, allowing the door to open enough to allow K-9 Ronin to enter and stop the suspect from starting the fire.

A struggle ensued with the suspect as he resisted the attempts to arrest him. He was ultimately subdued by CERT members and K-9 Ronin.

The suspect faces several charges including menacing, strangulation, fourth-degree assault, coercion, criminal mischief and attempted assault on a police officer.


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