▶️ Outdoor debris burning ban doesn’t mean end to backyard burns


Outdoor debris burning season is over until the fall in and around Bend. But the rules can be confusing. The ban does not mean a ban on all backyard burns.

Bend Fire and Rescue says that it is still legal to have campfires, warming fires and cooking fires with a burn pit that is less that 3 feet in diameter. 

But if you’re heading out into the woods or a state park, you’ll need to pay attention to what type of burning is allowed. It can change at any time as the season progresses.

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“Make sure you talk to that local agency whether it be BLM, forest service, state parks, county parks, wherever you’re going to be,” said Bend Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki. “Look at those specific regulations when you go to those campsites.”

If you’re still not sure if you’re cleared to burn, Bend Fire and Rescue says to give them a call. They’re happy to come by and make sure you’re good to go.

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