▶️ Bend couple suspects car was tracked through an unknown Apple AirTag


Apple AirTags are a fairly new piece of technology intended to help users track down misplaced belongings.

But it is not just things these devices can keep tabs on.

“When we got back home from dinner, my wife’s phone went off,” Fletcher Kleykamp, Bend resident said. “It said that there’s an unknown device that’s been with us, that’s been tracking us.”

On Tuesday, Kleykamp noticed a white Mazda SUV with a black roof rack driving back and forth in front of his home with a man and woman inside.

“My wife started to warm the car up to go run some errands, and then that same car pulled up behind our driveway and blocked us in,” Kleykamp said. “I don’t think that they knew that the car was on and she was in it because when she put it in reverse and the reverse lights came on, the car took off.”

A few hours later, Kleykamp noticed the car again and a woman came to his door.

“They were like ‘well here’s your dress’ and I was like well I don’t wear any dresses, but I don’t know you,” Kleykamp said. “And [she said] ‘well it’s for Veronica’ and I don’t know a Veronica.”

Soon after that is when the tracking began, which Kleykamp figured was happening from his car.

“I noticed my license plate was pried open,” Kleykamp said. “I opened it and I could see a little spot in the dirt.”

That spot appeared to be the size of an Apple AirTag.

Kleykamp did not find the device itself, but he suspects whoever placed it there came back to retrieve it.

“My speculation is they were waiting for us to leave the house,” Kleykamp said. “And they could scope out the house.”

According to Apple, your iPhone will send you an alert if it detects someone else’s AirTag is with you.

After a while, if you still have not found it, the device will start chiming so you can track it down.

Bend Police tell us they are not aware of any other local incidents like this one, but it has happened in other parts of the country.

California resident Jessica Troxell found an AirTag inside of her cousin’s car after receiving the same notification as Kleykamp.

Troxell documented the discovery on TikTok, which now has almost 19 million views.

“Once we heard the sound, I was like this is real,” Troxell said. “We still don’t know what happened or who did it or anything.”

Kleykamp did file a police report, but he also does not know who planted the tracking device or how it got there.

“I try not to dwell on those negative possibilities,” Kleykamp said. “But we’re taking the precautions that we need to take.”

If you find an AirTag or tracking device that does not belong to you, contact local law enforcement.


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