▶️ Bend climbing wall company helping build part of Tokyo Olympic Games


A Bend company is building part of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games.

Entre-prise is a multinational company that designs, builds and installs rock climbing walls. The company has an exclusive contract to build the first-ever Olympic climbing wall.

Their Bend branch is building the shapes that competitors will climb this summer in Tokyo.

“You can see it’s a shaped piece of plywood. It’s finished and sanded and then we apply a texture coating on it.”

These shapes, called volumes, are being made at Entre-Prise’s manufacturing facility on Empire Avenue in Bend.

They are specifically approved by the International Federation of Sport Climbing and the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.

“We are starting to assemble the wall in February and they are going to do a trial event so we are basically wrapping it up and we are going to ship ‘em out,” said Sander Culliton, CEO of Entres-Prise USA.

The volumes will be installed on walls manufactured at EP’s European plant. The finished wall will host a combination of  bouldering, speed climbing and lead climbing competitions during the summer games.

Cullertin says the finished wall is designed to be attractive on TV as well as for live audiences attending the competition.

“It’s all virtual right now because the wall’s not up and it’s not on TV but I can tell you that when the wall is installed next month and I see it on TV that’s going to be pretty exciting,” Cullertin said. 

The company spent 10 years lobbying to have rock climbing included in the Olympic Games. Now that it’s happening the pressure is on to deliver the finished product.

“They go in a crate and if we have time they go on a boat and if we don’t have time, they go on an airplane,” he said. 

All 50 of the Bend Entre-prise staffers autographed the inside of one of the volumes as a way of saying hello from Oregon.


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