▶️ ‘Advocate for change’: Bend church holds vigil for Uvalde victims


The United Methodist Bend Church hosted a vigil Wednesday for the 19 children and two adults who lost their lives in a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

Three pastors led the vigil and read out a list of mass shootings in the U.S.

“Merciful God, bind up the wounds of all who suffer from gun violence: those maimed and disfigured, those left alone and grieving, and those who struggle to get through one more day,” said Lead Pastor Jen Stuart.

After each pastor was done reading a portion of their list, they lit a candle to honor the victims of gun violence.

Attendants were sympathizing parents. Many cried at the tragedy of losing a child. Others reflected on their own child’s school and how safe it is.

“How secure is this school? Is this school a target? Would someone want to pick this school?” said Rebecca Tatum, a vigil attendee.

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The vigil made space for those in the Bend community to grieve and pray for the lost children and their families. 

It ended with a call for change by Stuart.

“Give us power to rise above our fear that nothing can be done, and grant us the conviction to advocate for change,” Stuart said.


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