▶️ ‘It’s an honor’: Meet Bevel Brewing’s new rotating mural artist


The latest work from a local artist has gone up at Bevel Brewing’s rotating mural wall in Bend. The wall is painted by a new artist every year.

Micah Moon Winters took about a month to create “Colors of Life.” It’s already catching people’s attention.

“It’s really just about the exposure. Just in the time I’ve been working on it, my Instagram has gone up,” Winters said.

Since the piece is a temporary mark on the building, Winters was inspired by life and its impermanence. With living comes aging, and he saw the opportunity to make the creation even more special.

“Children would come up with their parents or whatever and I’d give them a brush and then we had a son walk his mom in at 93,” Winters said.

That 93-year-old, Nina, painted a small portion of the mural to add to the “life” theme. The youngest contributor was two years old.

The collaboration between artists and customers is exactly what Bevel had in mind with this tradition.

“So I kept thinking of ways — how to integrate art, how to integrate the community, how to bring people together. Because that’s what we wanted our brewery to be,” said Bevel owner Valarie Doss.

While getting community exposure, the chosen artist also has the opportunity to receive additional income.

“So the frisbees, the discs that we get made for each mural, the proceeds from those discs with benefit the artist,” Doss said.

Winters said he’s thankful for the chance.

“You know, it’s an honor to be up here on the wall,” he said.

Bevel started the tradition three years ago and has no plans of stopping. Winters’ mural will stay up until next spring when another local artist will get their chance.


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