▶️ Bend Apartment Rent Hike Surprises, Worries Tenants

By Meghan Glova
Central Oregon Daily

Affordable housing is hard to come by in Central Oregon.

And it doesn’t make it any easier when rent raises unexpectedly.

 “And how much did your rent go up by?”

“I want to say two hundred and forty-something,” said Alvin Becker.

Last week, some tenants at Cedarwest Apartments, near the Forum Shopping Center in Bend, received notices taped to their doors, saying rent is going up.

Many of the residents receive government housing assistance, and are in the midst of a set lease.

“There’s a lot of stress, a lot of worry. A lot of people unsure whether they’re going to have housing or not,” Becker said. “Which in this day and age is a really bad place to be in.”

Alvin Becker’s rent went up 36%.

One neighbor shared her notice on Facebook…with a rent increase of $579, that’s 37-percent more than what she currently pays.

Becker says although rent rates vary at Cedarwest based on the size of the apartment, the notices are bringing equal stress to tenants.

“It’s not comfortable to think, I might not have a place to live tomorrow because I can’t afford it or because rent is going up or because these people just want to make more money,” Becker said.

Becker has lived at Cedarwest for 14 years and says previous increases were reasonable. This is the first time he has been concerned for what’s next.

“It’s all a waiting game at this point to see who says what,” Becker said.

According to Becker, notices went out to tenants shortly after new management took over.

And while Oregon earlier this year passed a low restricting rent increases, the law states that those who get federal, state or local housing assistance are exempt from that law. Many of the residents here fall under that category.

Central Oregon Daily attempted to contact the Washington-based property management company, but did not hear back.


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