▶️ Bend’s A.J. Tucker building to be torn down, but nobody stepping up to buy


A historic Bend building is being torn down — and built back up in a new location. But where the A.J. Tucker building will sit next remains a mystery.

One of the hurdles in finding a new location? Nobody has stepped up to buy the building.

Built in 1919, the A.J. Tucker building in downtown Bend started off as a successful blacksmith shop, according to Kelly Cannon-Miller, the executive director of the Deschutes Historical Museum. 

“Amos Jackson (A.J.) Tucker came to Bend and Central Oregon already an established carpenter around 1916,” said Cannon-Miller. “At some point he picked up this piece of property on Greenwood.”

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It took a year to cut and form the lava stone around the structure. 

“Unfortunately for Amos, in June of 1921 he fell ill and died from pneumonia,” said Cannon-Miller.

The current owner, Deschutes County, picked it up in the 1960s.

“In anticipation of the courthouse expansion project, this footprint will be utilized for that project, so we’re looking to move the building,” said Deschutes County Facilities Director Lee Randall.

What does it take to move a building?

“It involves de-constructing the building and then we’ll look at various options of reusing portions of it,” said Randall.

While the county owns it, they are willing to give it to the highest bidder — or any bidder.

“We have not received any sealed bids to this point,” said Randall.

As long as the next owner takes it apart and puts it back together elsewhere, they can have it.

“Even the smallest little historic building can go on to have an impact somewhere else,” said Cannon-Miller.

She added that if there’s a creative builder who wants to take on the project, “the historical community would be in your debt.”

The deadline to bid on this building is this Thursday by 2:00 p.m.


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