▶️ AAA adds EV charging truck to Bend to alleviate ‘range anxiety’


Range anxiety is a term electric vehicle manufacturers know well. It’s the reason most people are still waiting to buy an electric vehicle.

Range anxiety is the fear of running out of juice in the middle of a trip and there’s nowhere to recharge. It’s one of the reasons AAA has added a mobile EV charging truck to Bend as part of a pilot program that started in Portland.

“We are adding Bend to our markets where we offer roadside mobile charging for electric vehicles. So, it’s just like if you’re a AAA member and you run out of gas, you know we can come and bring you a gallon of fuel. Well, now if your electric vehicle runs out of charge, we can provide service and get you a charge right there on the roadside,” said AAA spokesperson Marie Dodds.

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Dodds says a roadside charge will get a driver about 15 miles. 

She says adding Bend to the charging truck program was a no-brainer. Oregon has the 4th highest per-capita number of EV owners in the country.

While AAA does not expect to get nearly the number of charging calls as it does “I’m out of gas” calls, the program does add a little piece of mind for EV drivers.


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