▶️ Our favorite stories of 2022: Friends continue ‘5-year photo’ tradition


We at Central Oregon Daily News have been thrilled to bring you the stories of the High Desert and beyond these past 12 months. We wanted to look back and not only re-share with you some of our favorites, but tell you why we love them so much.

“I loved this story because I had seen it years ago, but never realized it had a local tie when I got to Bend. It’s also super special that this group is very particular with which media outlets they choose to let document this tradition, but for only Central Oregon Daily and CNN, they made it happen! Plus, they’re just a great group.” — Meghan Glova, former Central Oregon Daily News Storyteller (now at WRAL in North Carolina).


Since 1982, five friends have been taking the same photo every five years. One of them, John Wardlaw, lives in Bend.

The group has received national attention for their tradition, from being live on the Today Show to featured on CNN. But to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that first photo taken, they invited Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova to be a part of it.

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