▶️ 250-mile runs? Bend ultra runner ‘comfortable with uncomfortable’

How do you like to spend your days off? Maybe a beer with the boys or a barbecue with friends and family or maybe even get a little exercise in.
For Ben Dullum, he likes that last option. But replace little with a lot — a lot a lot.
“I started doing 50-milers, 100K, and then I really got addicted to the 100 milers and a little bit beyond. So it was just this last May that I ran a 250-mile race in Arizona in the desert of Arizona,” says Ben.
“And it’s definitely become a passion. And it’s that drive of kind of how far can I go? Ben’s a physical therapist by trade. I work in the critical care units, both the progressive care unit that’s kind of my main hub.”
Ben’s a physical therapist by trade.
“I work in the critical care units, both the progressive care unit that’s kind of my main hub. And then I will float down to the intensive care unit as well.”
Ben Dullum
Ben Dullum
He spends his days at the hospital helping folks out. But when he’s not there working, he’s chasing down vistas and chasing down a feeling.
“Been very stressful, so we all need things in our lives that we do when we’re not there to recover and cope. And mine happens to be running.
“I love those special moments where you are in a beautiful area and you’re alone.
“Specifically around here, like sunrise and sunset. I love them and I run for those moments. I love running through the night with the few people that are crazy enough to do that with me Getting up to a ridge, having a meal, and just watching that sunrise up over the mountains.”
His passion is evident, and passion is the driving force that keeps his legs churning over and over and over.
Ben’s not a pro runner. He’s not sponsored and he only enters races occasionally. For Ben, it’s all for the love of running. 
“To some extent, you have to … you have to fully do it to fully get it and get to those limits where you’re uncomfortable. I think we’re as humans, we’re all too comfortable with being comfortable. And it’s those moments of so much stress that you’re very uncomfortable that we grow. And I’ve I’ve learned to be quite comfortable being uncomfortable.”
Ben Dullum
If you’re one of those who thinks the term “fun run” is an oxymoron, Ben’s got a message for you.
“All the time I hear people say, like, ‘I’m just not built for running. Running is not for me. Running is painful.’ And I 100% understand that. The young Ben was one of those. And I think the biggest message to say is that there’s there’s a form of running for everybody.
“You don’t have to go do the 250-miler or you don’t have to go self-supported 100-miler in the woods. But there are those moments where it makes it totally worth it and totally fun. And I think that everybody should give it another try.”
Ben plans to continue running long distances and discovering new trails and vistas. He says he’ll look to enter the occasional race, but mainly looks forward to running by himself or with one or two friends.
Ben Dullum

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