Baseball legend Hammerin’ Hank Aaron dies at 86


(ABC NEWS) – Baseball icon and Hall of Famer Henry “Hank” Louis Aaron passed away at 86 years old on Friday.

The retired right fielder from Mobile, Alabama, was known as one of the greatest power hitters in Major League Baseball history.

“Mr. Aaron passed away peacefully in his sleep. The family asks for privacy at this time. The Braves will be releasing a statement shortly,” Aaron’s assistant said in a statement to ABC News.

Aaron led the league with a record 755 home runs in his illustrious career when he eclipsed Babe Ruth’s total in 1974 at age 23.

He held that record until 2007 when the number was surpassed by San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds.

He also holds records for most runs batted in (RBI), 2,297, total bases, 6,856, and extra-base hits, 1,477, according to ESPN.

Aaron’s legacy stretched far beyond fair territory on the field, he also led the way for other Black players in the sport.

Earlier this month, Aaron got vaccinated against COVID-19 in Georgia, in hopes that doing so would send a message to other Black Americans that the shots are safe, ESPN reported.


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