▶️ Ban sends sales of fireworks to 30-year lows; reduces fire calls slightly


No major fires were started by fireworks this 4th of July holiday suggesting people respected bans on fireworks and watched sanctioned displays instead.

A contractor launched more than 1,200 mortars and dozens of multi-cake aerial fireworks during Sunday’s show on Pilot Butte.

Today, the clean up which takes almost as long as the set up.

“There’s a lot of debris around here. A lot of guns we’ve got to break down. Lot of stuff we need to do,” said Gary Mattison, owner of Sure Shot Fireworks. “It takes a team effort and the Boy Scouts who are helping us are awesome.”

“It’s a tradition for Central Oregon to do this service event every year on the 4th of July, the day after, to help clean up the fireworks display as a way to show support for our community,” said Meredith Wampler-Kuhn, Pack 90 Cub Scouts

“Everyone on the crew is here,” Mattison said. “You can see the Forest Service is still here. The fire department is still here. They are cleaning up what they had to do. It’s a big process. Besides getting it all together. Breaking it all down is just a big a process.”

A forest service firefighter rolled up some of the thousands of feet of firehose that were laid out in advance of Sunday’s fireworks show.

With the hoses in position, crews were able to quickly snuff out a couple of small spot fires ignited by the fireworks display.

Fireworks stands also began tearing down after a holiday like none other.

City and county bans on the personal use of fireworks hammered sales to 30-year lows.

“This is their primary way of funding their organization so this was a lot rougher for them,” said Sione Fe’esago, of Ekballo Bend at the TNT fireworks stand on Franklin and 3rd Street. “For us, we are a little bit smaller and some of us have jobs so we make do how we can. This was definitely not what we expected.”

Bend City Police received five firework-related complaints through 911 Dispatch over the 4th.

One reckless burning citation was issued to an individual who launched a mortar near Wilson Avenue that started a brush fire.


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